Powered By Positive Change

There’s absolutely no doubt that the energy sector has had a very turbulent few years. With energy prices rocketing, and the feeling of uncertainty still resonating, it’s been difficult to see brighter skies ahead – until now…

Here at Green Pulse Energy, the wait is finally over. We are delighted to unveil our exciting new brand identity and vision to the world.

This rebrand reflects Green Pulse Energy’s evolution as a pioneer in sustainable energy solutions for homes and businesses throughout the UK. As the housing and commercial landscape drives more demand for cost-effective energy solutions, we have invested heavily in renewable energy technologies, including solar, EV charging, heating, lighting, and insulation.

Much like our customer-centric service offering, we wanted our new brand identity to pack a real punch. From the vibrant colours of our logo, and the dynamic pulse device, our new styling certainly represents a very new and exciting direction for Green Pulse Energy.

Our new brand proposition has 3 distinct service offerings, for HOME, for BUSINESS, and for MAINTENANCE. These 3 core products provide a very tailored collection of solutions to each audience. They are recognised by their colours, and these will be noticeable throughout our marketing communications.

Our founder and CEO Lee Oxley said “We absolutely love making a difference to homes and businesses, and when we all work together, we can achieve effective energy solutions. At Green Pulse Energy, we are powered by positive change”.

As part of our fresh new brand, customers needed to have the ability to touch and feel the product solutions that we supply and install – Presenting our latest brand extension ‘Smart Energy Center’. The Smart Energy Center is an exciting immersive experience that clients can visit before making their purchases.

With 2024 on the horizon, we couldn’t be more excited about the future. This is why we acknowledge our obligations to provide an honest customer experience for clients to enjoy, and a warm and collaborative environment for our staff to work in.

Powered By Positive Change…

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