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For those who know, we recently announced our eagerly anticipated rebrand to our loyal customers. As we conveyed in our last article, our realigned brand represents much more than a new identity. It represents our customer-centric experience, and also our promise to deliver cost-effective energy solutions to homes and businesses throughout the UK.
For us, the customer experience is as important digitally as it is in person, so our brand new website needed to take existing customers and new prospects on a journey of knowledge and innovation.

With the energy landscape seemingly growing, our brief to ourselves was simple; in the absence of customers being able to touch and feel our products, we must build our website to be informative and engaging, whilst demonstrating our core customer-centric values.

Whether we are connecting with companies or homeowners, when it comes to investing in what can be considered a significant budget, we know how important it is for people to make informed decisions. This is why our new site carefully presents our product solutions for customers to fully understand the benefits of each product, and the added value benefits of our taking multiple solutions that create optimum energy efficiency.

For clients who may have already enjoyed our products, we now offer a fully manageable ‘Maintenance’ offering. Our new site makes it easy for clients to choose from a range of repairs, cleaning, or general maintenance options.

Noting that most of our customers and potential new prospects are constantly on the move, we wanted to ensure our new website was mobile and smart device-friendly. Easy-to-find navigation is key, and we’re confident that no matter where you are within our new site, you’re able to find what you’re looking for.
We also wanted to be sure that our new website encapsulated all of our brand vibrancy and personality. We’ve made it our mission to ensure that anyone who connects with Green Pulse Energy feels invigorated and educated. Ultimately, we’re hopeful that our new website represents our customers’ solutions, rather than simply selling a range of products.

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