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The most powerful panel in the market ever!JA Solar Jumbo Module180

JA Solar launches the biggest module yet at the SNEC PV Power Expo in Shanghai.

JA Solar unveiled what is thus far the world’s biggest and most powerful panel with an 810W model.

Aptly named Jumbo, the panel has quadruple layouts of 47 cells and dimensions of 2,220 by 1,757mm and utilizes a triple-cut cell design with 11 busbars.

Also presented at the fair was a 780 W product from Tongwei and a 660 W module from Trina.

Jumbo isn’t currently in mass production, and it might be some time before we see this mighty module on an average residential roof, but there are plenty of JA Solar modules packed full of technologies that push the boundaries of efficiency and they’re in stock right now.

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