Tech Specs – SOLAR PV

Domestic – Solar PV – Tech Specs

LG 390W Mono Neon2 BiFacial

Panels – Monocrystalline BiFacial

Rating: 390W

Efficiency: 18.5%

Width: 1,024mm

Height: 2,064mm

Video: link

JA Solar Smart Module 300W

SK Percium Mono BF – Panels – SolarEdge Smart

Rating: 300W

Efficiency: 18.3%

Width: 991mm

Height: 1,650mm

! Solar Edge inverter build in Solar Panel

Viridian Clearline 270W

Mono All Black BIPV – Panels – Monocrystallines

Rating: 270W

Efficiency: 16.6%

Width: 992mm

Height: 1,640mm
! Roof Integrated solar PV – CLEARLINE Fusion

Q Cells 315W Mono

Q Peak Duo G5 All Black – Panels – Monocrystallines

Rating: 315W

Efficiency: 18.7%

Width: 1000mm

Height: 1,685mm

Domestic – Inverters

Sunny Boy 2.5 1MPPT

Inverters – Main Units

Rating: 2,500W

Phases: 1

Efficient: Max. 96,7 %

Innovative: Easy install – allows quick DC and AC connections

User Interface (Web): Makes it possible to monitor system data on any smartphone, tablet, laptop or traditional PC. This enables the user to choose between local and online monitoring via Sunny Places and Sunny Portal.

SolarEdge 3680W

Single Phase Inverter with HD-Wave Technology Inverters – Main Units

Rating: 3,680W

Phases: 1
Efficiency: 98.8 %

  • – Specifically designed to work with power optimizers
    – Record-breaking efficiency
    – Extremely small, lightweight and easy to install
    – High reliability
    – Built-in module-level monitoring
    – Outdoor and indoor installation
    – Fixed voltage inverter for longer strings
    – Smart Energy management control
    – Compatible with StorEdge Interface for StorEdgeTM applications

    Please note, the SolarEdge HD range of inverters require the SE-STI-S4 StorEdge interface to be compatible with the LG Chem HV range of batteries.

Safe: Multiple protection levels

Solis 1.5kW Mini

4G Single Tracker with DC Isolator – Inverters – Main Units

Rating: 1,500W

Phases: 1

Efficient: Max. 97,5 %

Innovative: 50V-600V input voltage range- ultra low start-up


  • RS485 WiFi/GPRS (optional) interface
  •   WiFi monitoring available—iphone and android app available

Safe: Multiple protection levels