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Do you have squirrels nesting under your panels or damage your solar panel cables?

Squirrels & Pigeons nesting under solar panels are a significant problem on a national scale. The necessary gap between your solar panels and the roof has created a perfect, safe, warm and sheltered nesting site for birds, squirrels and pigeons in particular, exactly where they want it – nice and high up.

Squirrels are certainly not a pest you want nesting under your solar panels. They can chew through the wiring connecting the solar panels to your inverter. The cost of replacing those damaged wires is very expensive and far outweighs the cost of having your solar panels squirrel proofed and protected before the damage is done.

pigeon solar protection

This is not a common issue, but it can causing a number of issues for solar PV owners. Nesting squirrels can deposit their droppings and dirt/debris on the surface of the panels, reducing the overall panel output and system yield. They can also interfere with system cabling as you can see on the pictures. It can start as intermittent faults and become more serious. We are here to help with solar squirrel and bird protection and solar panel cleaning.

The solution is to stop squirrels getting under your solar panels permanently.

If you are experiencing this issue, you might want to consider installing a wire mesh system around the perimeter of the solar panels to prevent access to squirrels and nesting birds, protecting your PV installation and ensuring that your system yield is unaffected and protect your valuable asset.

Green Pulse Energy recommends a wire mesh system as a form of protection. The mesh is installed around the perimeter of the panels and prevents access beneath, giving protection for your roof, cables and solar panels. The system can either be fixed to the panels using retaining bolts (with no impact on product warranty) for very robust protection or by using special clips that are entirely non-intrusive and which do not require the use of drilling equipment or glue. The mesh is also easily removed should future maintenance be required and has minimal aesthetic impact.

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