Solar Panel Installations

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With 1000s of kW capacity installed on domestic and commercial roofs across East Anglia, Green Pulse Energy are a long-serving, family run business that you can trust.
We have our own teams of installers, based local to you, who take pride in completing quality installations.

Solar Panels on Roof

Solar Panel Installations

Photovoltaic systems of all sizes for domestic, commercial and solar farm projects.

Solar Panel Battery Storage

Solar PV Battery Storage

Ballance your electrical demand and maximise your savings with our Battery Storage Options.

Commercial Solar Panel Install

Solar Panels For Business

Whilst irritating and very messy, pests under your panels can also cause damage to the wiring.

Solar Pigeon Proofing

Solar Bird Proofing

Whilst irritating and very messy, pests under your panels can also cause damage to the wiring.

Solar Panels on Roof
Earn and Save With Solar PV

With wholesale energy costs soaring, and homeowners feeling the bite of increased bills, many are turning to renewable energy to provide free energ, and selling surplus back to the grid, whilst increasing the value of their properties at the same time. Invest in energy security – invest in a cleaner future.

Free Energy Assessment

Our fully trained energy assessors will come out to visit you in your home or to measure up your roof, identify your current wiring setup, and make recommendations about the various options for you installation.

We will leave you with a range of options, along with a full breakdown of earnings and savings, allowing you to make your own decisions.

Solar PV For Homeowners

In times gone by 4kW was the standard size for domestic Solar PV installations, which is usually 14 or 16 panels.

Now though many homeowners are opting for larger systems, with permission from the national grid. After working out the appropriate system size, we will speak to the national grid on your behalf.

Home with Solar Panel Installation
How Many Panels Will Fit On My Roof?

We can take a look at your property on Google Maps, and let you know over the phone, how many panels you can fit on your roof.

Bespoke Systems

Solar PV shouldn’t be a one size fits all. Each property is unique, and each household has differing energy usage requirements, future plans and aspirations.
We provide a tailored service, and will provide you with all of the answers, support, and time that you require.

Solar Panels Cost

The price of a solar PV system is determined by the type of panels, inverter(s), batteries, and even the components used to secure the panels to your roof.

A reputable installer will be able to offer various different options and tailor them to your specific needs, electrical setup, and budget.

To find out about the different options available, and to get an price – get in touch.

Solar PV Battery Installations

No longer an ‘add on’ item, Solar PV batteries are an integral part of most domestic and commercial systems, helping your panels to meet peaks in electricity demand throughout the day, as well as providing energy when the sun goes in.
You can also charge batteries from cheaper night rate tariffs to maximise your savings – boiling your morning cup of coffee at half the price!

Giv Energy Battery Install
Solar PV Battery Types

There are many different battery options avilable.
Here is a picture of one of our Giv Energy systems, to give you an idea of the size required. These are usually installed in the loft or garage – though we can tailor the install to all property types. Call us to discuss your requirements?

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