Solar Panel Bird Proofing

Wire Mesh Pigeon Proofing Installations

Whilst they can be irritating, and very messy, the biggest problem with pests under your panels is that they can damage the wiring – it is important that you act quickly to ensure the safety of your property.
We will remove the birds, and stop them from coming back with our purpose built, wire mesh solution for Solar PV.
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Solar Pigeon Proofing

Remove The Pests and Their Mess

Get rid of the pesky pigeons, and relax in the knowledge that the bothersome birds will not come back to your roof again!

Panel & Gutter Clean

We can clean the panels and your gutters to get rid of the mess once and for all, and ensure the optimum performance of your panels. Please speak to our team for more information*

Wiring Faults

To ensure the safety of your wiring, book a call out as soon as possible. Our team can arrange a visit within a week.

Wire Mesh Round Solar Panels
Bird Proofing Installation

Here is an example of how the installation will look.
With a neat finish to your panels, and a secure fixing, wire mesh is the only suitable solution for protecting your solar array.

Our Pigeon-Proofing Solution

We recommend a wire mesh system as a form of protection.

The mesh is installed around the perimeter of the panels and prevents access beneath, giving protection for your roof, cables and solar panels.

The system can either be fixed to the panels using retaining bolts (with no impact on product warranty) for very robust protection or by using special clips that are entirely non-intrusive and which do not require the use of drilling equipment or glue. The mesh is also easily removed should future maintenance be required and has minimal aesthetic impact.

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