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Green Pulse Energy
Green Pulse Energy

If you’ve found out that your solar PV system isn’t working like it used to be.

Many systems were sold with false promises of 20+ years maintenance-free. Most problems where the inverter is not at fault are down to poor workmanship by the installers. You may find that the original installer is no longer trading.

Inverter Error – Fault

Where there is still warranty left on the inverter, we will raise a claim with the inverter manufacturer and obtain and fit a replacement unit. Note that your inverter warranty is with the manufacturer and it is not affected if your installer has ceased trading. The majority of inverters will have a five-year warranty, although some have more than this, and some have extended warranties. Learn more

String faults


This is mostly part of poor/bad installations. Often we see corrosion of the connectors introduces an electrical resistance in the connections. This causes the connectors to heat up, which can be a fire hazard. Often the inverter will detect a leakage current and will report an insulation resistance fault (also known as Riso or isolation fault). The inverter will shut down to reduce the likelihood of fires.

Broken Solar Panel

Falling debris, even dirt can cause micro-scratches on your solar panels. These scratches dramatically lower the energy output by decreasing the amount of solar energy each panel can absorb because the scratches keep the sunlight from shining directly on the cells. Heavier debris like full branches or acorns, for example, can cause much more damage by breaking panels completely.

Roof Leaking

Your solar system may be working well, but you’ve discovered a stain on your ceiling.

Battery Storage System

Not working or is faulty

Generation Meter

My generation meter is not working anymore.


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