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Solar Panel Cleaning

The technology behind solar power is sophisticated. The thought that solar power is a fit and forget technology is incorrect; not only are some issues not immediately apparent, you could find that some issues get worse the longer they are left.

Most insurers will insist that your solar array is inspected at least annually by a suitably qualified engineer in order to maintain cover.

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solar panel cleaning

Keep clean your solar panels for the best performance

Without annual preventative maintenance or monitoring your system will lose efficiency and increase the risk of hazards occurring. In addition the amount of money your feed in tariff gains will be reduced – you are losing money!

Many systems are underperforming by over 30%, simply due to burnt out connections, faulty inverters or dirty panels, bird droppings. Clean solar panels is important to keep your system in top form.

Remember the job of your solar panel on your roof is to turn light into electricity – therefore the cleaner your solar panels, the better they will perform.

Bird Mess Solar Panels

Bird Droppings - Solar Panels

Solar panels work by absorbing sunlight through PV photovoltaic cells and converting the photons into electricity. The more sunlight the cells absorb, the more power your panels generate.  A build-up of dust, dirt and bird mess will mean that the system panels do not perform to their optimum potential.

Dusty Solar Panels

Dusty - Solar Panels

Because solar panels are typically installed on the roofs of houses they also suffer from general atmospheric dirt such as exhaust fumes, tree sap, moss and defecating birds. As a result, the solar cells are less effective which ultimately reduces the output of electricity. Cleaning your solar is therefor important to keep those solar cells working and professionally cleaned.

dirty solar panels - panel cleaning

Dirty - Solar Panels

With our Premium Solar Panel Cleaning Service we hand wash your solar panels ensuring we remove all of the dirt, algae and lichen without using abrasive scrubbing which could damage the glass on the panels. Clean your solar means save more money and generate more electricity.

Did you know

We have solar cleaning in our solar maintenance packages “silver” and “gold”. For more information about these packages. Click here.

Cleaning Solar keeps your system running in TOP condition

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