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Our trained support engineers will diagnose your fault over the phone and give you a solution within 5 minutes

Inverter Repairs and Inverter Replacement

Inverter Repairs

Where possible we will try to fix your inverter and wiring without a need for a replacement.


Warranty Replacements

As accredited maintenance engineers, we have agreements in place with most of the manufacturers. We will contact the manufacturer on your behalf, organise the replacement, and install it for you – saving you all of the hassle, and the cost of a new inverter!


Inverter Replacements

If you need a replacement inverter, we can give you a price over the phone right away, and we can even arrange for extended 10 or 15-year warranties!

Inverter Repair Essex, London, Ipswich, Cambridgeshire, Norwich, Suffolk, Kent. All areas covered.

  • My Solar PV system is not generating?
  • Generation meter stopped flashing?
  • My Solar system stopped working
  • My Solar Inverter is faulty
  • My Inverter shows an error code…
  • My Inverter shows a fault (inverter fault)
  • I have a problem with the grid connection
  • My battery storage is connected to the inverter and gives problems
  • My generation meter is gone blank…
  • My Inverter is broken…

Get an answer to these questions, and a fix for any Solar PV faults – we can diagnose the fault and give you a solution within 5 minutes…..

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Diagnosing Inverter Faults

Inverter Stopped Working

Like any other electrical device within your home, solar inverters do have a shelf life,
and most solar inverters 5 or more years old had a life expectancy of 5 to 7 years.
The newer models are much more efficient and are expected to last far longer,
we can supply them with 10, 15 or even 20-year warranties.

Inverter Error Codes

Please let us know if any error codes are on your inverter screen.

Inverter Fire

Badly installed, or unmaintained inverters can be a fire risk. Book a free call out from us if you have any concerns about your inverter.

inverter broken fire
faulty inverter fire