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Green Pulse Energy

Electric Vehicle Charge Points

Speak to us for a bespoke EV charging solution.

Green Pulse Energy is A OLEV / OZEV Certified Installer for EV Chargers

Government Funding for EV Charging Points

Homeowners will get £350 towards the cost of an EV Charger Point

  • One must have private, off-street parking where a charging cable will not cross a pedestrian pavement.
  • The charger must be OZEV (aka OLEV-approved). All our chargers are approved!
  • You need to use an OZEV-approved (aka OLEV-approved) installer such as Green Pulse Energy.
  • The installer will make the claim for the £350, so you should be fine.

Businesses can get £14,000 towards the cost of EV chargers for moving towards an electric-powered fleet.

(Plus there is other funding available for buying the vehicles too. Speak to our experts for more information).

  • A single business can claim for up to a maximum of 40 charge points (e.g. 40 single socket or 20 double socket charge points).
  • One can’t retrospectively claim for existing charge points on your premises.
  • While you do not need to currently have electric vehicles as part of your fleet, you need to express an existing or future need for the business.
  • You must have the charging system installed by an OZEV-approved (aka OLEV-approved) workplace charging station installer like Green Pulse Energy.
Inverter Repair

Fast Charge?

Choose either 3kW, 7kW or 22kW depending on your electric vehicle(s), and electrical setup.

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Off Peak Tariffs?

Do you want to program charging for low cost, off-peak electricity

inspect fire risk

Solar Integration?

Do you want a charger that works with solar panels to deliver free electricity to your car when it is available?

Post or Wall-mounted?

Find the best setup to suit your property

Enquire for prices and availability

or book a free site survey to plan your EV project.

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