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Green Pulse Energy
Green Pulse Energy

Sleek, low-profile roof-integrated solar panels replace tiles to preserve building kerb Viridianappeal and lower energy bills.

There are many things a system owner must consider when choosing solar PV, what size of array, will they benefit from storage, typical and extreme weather conditions, and aesthetics.

If excellent aesthetics are required, then roof-integrated solar PV is an easy choice. It has high wind resistance and sleek, uncluttered aesthetics. Additionally, roof integrated solar is an obvious choice when refurbishing or building a new roof.

There are several in-roof mounting brands available on the market but only one has dedicated solar PV modules, Viridian Solar.

Their flagship line is called Clearline Fusion, it’s a PV roofing system that is cost competitive with above-roof installations. Clearline Fusion has rapidly established itself as one of the UK’s market leading roof integrated solar PV systems, and the choice of both volume housebuilders and individual property owners.

And here’s eight reasons why:

  1.  Wind resistance of 5,300Pa can be as much as four times higher than competitors and is achieved without time-consuming modification to the roofing timbers
  2.  Invisible clamps fix to the module frames below the flashing for a sleek, uncluttered aesthetic
  3.  Automatic panel spacing for regular shut lines
  4.  All-metal roofing kit for complete confidence on building regulations for spread of flame (the only manufacturer that Achieves the AA Fire rating for all four fire tests across Europe)
  5.  Different module specifications and powers to suit all budgets.
  6.  Rapid installation with no special roof preparation
  7.  Everything you need is in the kit; no missing parts means no repeat site visits
  8.  Reliable sill flashing resists wind action – avoid call backs to site to repair lifted flashings

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