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Commercial Solar Panels

A Commercial Solar PV system is one of the most efficient ways to make your business more sustainable and keep your energy bills at an all-time low through Solar Power. Solar Energy is free and clean. If you are thinking of installing solar please call Green Pulse Energy today on 01206 701801.

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Commercial Solar PV Installation London

Key Benefits
of Commercial Solar

There are many significant benefits to be had from investing in solar panels and energy battery storage, for businesses both large and small. With rising energy costs, putting your roof space to good use can be a sensible decision and isn’t as expensive as you may think! Many commercial organisations have already realised the huge potential income stream available from solar energy and solar PV Panels. Business energy is expensive and simply by utilising the roof space on your commercial premises, agricultural buildings, factories, warehouses, schools or hospitals, you can install solar power generators and start generating solar energy immediately. Our installers will find the best area to work to ensure your Solar PV system works to its best potential.

We can assist your organisation whether it is a Pitched Roof solar system installation you require or indeed a Flat Roof solar system install.

Green Pulse Energy are specialists in large scale commercial solar panel systems for a wide range of commercial sectors and our expert team has a clear understanding of the needs of all business types. Whether you are looking to cut costs, reduce your carbon footprint, plan for climate change or secure your future energy supply, we offer expert commercial solar installations with proven high yielding solar panels.

We can even assist you with any planning permission guidance should you require. So if you are looking to install Commercial Solar Panels call Green Pulse Energy today.

Commercial Solar Installation Sectors

No matter what your business does, or what sector it covers, you can always see a benefit from installing a commercial solar panel system. Generating solar power introduces massive benefits by reducing your energy costs, whilst still getting a good return on investment.
For more information on the Solar Power investment potential, why not call our installers today on 01206 701801. We can help you with any planning permission guidance should you require to ensure a smooth solar PV completion in a timeframe that will work for you.

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Commercial Solar Panels

Solar PV Panels to Help Power Your Business


Whether you’re looking to save money, save the environment or secure future energy generation for your business, we have the experience in commercial rooftop installations in the UK ranging from SME’s to large corporates and iconic new-builds. Commercial solar panels are our speciality. Call us today for more information.


Our consultative approach to solar offers you industry-leading advice and solutions from design, including battery storage, through to ensuring a professional installation and handover.


We also offer a complete health & safety programme to give you peace of mind whilst your business continues to operate. Smart Planning, Smart Renewable Energy.


Our relationship with you doesn’t stop after the installation as we offer a comprehensive operation and maintenance service to monitor your solar system and respond to any faults.



Lower Energy Bills

Energy Saving is easy. Sunlight is free, so once you’ve paid for the initial installation your electricity costs will be reduced. Further savings can also be made through the installation of Solar Batteries.

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Cost Savings

Solar Photovoltaic panels generate free, green electricity during daytime hours that can be used on site, lowering your business demand for energy from the grid and potentially saving thousands of pounds on electricity bills. Start Energy Saving NOW!


Sell electricity back to the grid

If your solar PV system is producing more electricity than you need, or when you can’t use it, you can sell the surplus back to the grid.


Cut your carbon footprint

Solar electricity is a green, renewable energy source that doesn’t release any harmful carbon dioxide or other pollutants into our atmosphere. Commercial systems can vary massively in array size but stand to reduce the amount of carbon produced even more than a domestic system.

Financial Stability

Financial Stability

Energy prices are predicted to sharply rise in the next 10 years, commercial solar panels allow you to effectively forward buy your electricity at a set price, making financial forecasting much easier.


Low Risk Investment

Solar PV is a reliable and safe investment vehicle that provides returns exceeding those of traditional low-risk financial products.

Energy Security

Energy Security

With the grid currently struggling to generate significant electricity supply to meet the UK’s growing energy demands, and the government’s recent introduction of mandatory energy audits for large businesses via the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) and possible future energy usage regulation, independent solar installations are an excellent backup measure.

Electric Vehicle Charging

Electric Vehicle charging

Are your staff cars electric? Do you have your own EV Charging Stations? Generating your own solar energy as fuel for your business fleet will significantly reduce your charging/running costs if these are currently off-site. We would be pleased to discuss and help you, highlighting any possible grants available.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

This is a type of business self-regulation with the aim of being socially accountable. There is no one “right” way companies can practice CSR; many corporate CSR initiatives strive to positively contribute to the public, the economy or the environment. In today’s socially conscious environment, employees and customers place a premium on working for and spending their money with businesses that prioritise CSR. Here at Green Pulse Energy, we can assist with your policies and your procedures where required.

So if you are looking into solar PV and have beneficial commercial solar panels on your business premises, we will be happy to help. We can also advise on all points regarding Commercial Inverter choice and Planning Permission and other Energy Saving ideas.

Green Pulse Energy is a leading solar panels installation company, based in Essex and serving the surrounding areas.

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What is Commercial Solar PV?

  • Much like residential solar PV systems, a commercial system drives down the costs of electricity bills but on a larger scale
  • Can be both ground or roof-mounted, depending on system specification
  • Referred to as ‘fit and forget’ technology as systems require little maintenance.
  • Sell your excess electricity back to the grid.
  • Lower your carbon footprint for your business.

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