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Green Pulse Energy

Four years ago, Diesel cars were outselling hybrid and electric cars by 14:1, now the tide has well and truly turned. EV Charging Point

The Department of Transport said that, even though car sales were understandably down over the second quarter of the year, it is the first time that more alternative fuel cars were registered than diesel cars.

It’s exciting news for the renewable energy industry where ‘green’ trends have a positive knock-on effect. Also, businesses that take advantage of the growing customer demand for EV charge points.

It’s a natural progression for solar PV professionals to offer installation of EV charge points for three reasons:
• Much of the electrical knowledge required is known
• Customers who have or desire solar PV are already on board with EVs
• You can charge EVs from PV with a variety of different products – Contact us today

More Facts and Figures
New petrol and diesel cars will be banned – possibly by 2030.

Of the 168,100 cars that were registered between April and June 60% were petrol, 33,000 were alternative fuel (20% of the total), and just 29,900 diesel cars.

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders published similar findings, 210,142 electric or hybrid cars have been sold from the start of the year to August compared to 162,097 diesel cars.

Steve Gooding, director of the RAC Foundation, said: “It seems likely we will look back on these numbers as signalling the death throes of diesel and the ascendance of the electric and alternatively fuelled cars.